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At Seagate, we love helping commercial businesses with commercial roofing replacements. Our crew members are all certified with many commercial roofing manufacturers including Gaco & Mule Hide.

We offer many types of commercial roof replacement/repair services including Asphalt, Spray Foam, TPO, Silicone Coating, and even complete roof replacement.

Have You Considered Silicone Coating For Your Roof Replacement / Repair?

While we offer many types of commercial roofing services, we highly recommend considering our silicone coating services. This service replaces your roof by coating your commercial roof with a thick layer of silicone.

Why would you want to consider silicone coating for your commercial roofing replacement/repair? Here are just a few of the many reasons to consider silicone coating:

  • You can write off the entire cost of a silicone roof replacement this year because it is considered maintenance and not a capital expenditure.
  • A silicone roof replacement is considerably less expensive than a traditional roof replacement.
  • We offer 10, 15, and 20-year no dollar warranties on every silicone roof replacement.
  • We even have multiple color options if required.

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